2017/18 Overview & Fellows

In 2017-2018, participants will consider questions surrounding perceptions of war and the relationship between technology and war. Faculty will examine how war has been understood, focusing first on the philosophical questions that war evokes, and then on how evolving technologies of war shift these perceptions. In the first semester, we will consider interdisciplinary theories of war and explore the relationship between human nature and military conflict, we will examine how technological shifts have transformed war’s cultural and political meanings. The seminar will be supplemented by discussions with Chris Hedges (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist) and Dr. Lisa Stampnitzky (Department of Politics, Sheffield University).



Stephen Clark (Veteran Services Director)
Zena Cooper (Education and Language Acquisition)
Colleen Eren (Social Sciences, Criminal Justice)
Maria Hart (Social Sciences, Anthropology)
David Hill (Social Sciences, Political Science)
Tomoaki Imamichi (Social Sciences, Psychology)
Robin Kietlinski (Social Sciences, History)
LaRose Parris (English)
Shannon Proctor (Humanities, Philosophy)
Sarada Rauch (Humanities, New Media)
Sarah Raymundo (Visiting Fellow)
Chris Schmidt (English)
Rebecca Tally (Social Sciences, History)
Dana Trusso (Humanities, Philosophy)